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There are so many different reasons why a customer books a drain inspection. A drainage survey can help if you are planning repair or building work to your property or it may be required for an overall bigger building survey.

Other reasons could be you have had issues with vermin and you need to check the rat’s access points within the pipework.

You may have leakage or a collapse or water may be backing up. With all of these issues, a CCTV drain survey will diagnose the problem without having to dig up your pavement or precious lawn!

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It can be hard to troubleshoot an issue with your underground pipework. Without this technology, it’s not easy to pinpoint the exact place that needs attention.

With our CCTV drain inspection service, it’s possible to find the issue and also determine the overall condition of the inside of your drains

The biggest plus point to this system is that it avoids carrying out excavations to the surrounding area and this no-dig technology is now a vital tool at our disposal.

Once the CCTV drainage inspection is completed, we can then usually point out any issues to you there and then, on the spot!

Sometimes it may take a little while for our expert to digest the data and it’s better to go away and analyse it but a full report with images is always provided and this usually takes up to 48 hrs.



Our drain robots can travel deep down into your drainage network to discover any cracks, splits, roots, pests and disjointed pipework. Best of all... it's all fully guaranteed!

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